How to Make an On-demand App for Online Laundry Service


What are the Benefits of the Online Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Service App?

  • 1. Enhances Convenience
  • 2. Increases Safety 
  • 3. Promotes Local Laundries
  • 4. Better Management
  • 5. Generates Revenue

How to Make an On-demand Laundry Business App?

  • Project Plan
  • Budget Planning
  • Project Scope
  • Laundry Application Development
  • Deployment

Key Features of an App for Online Laundry Service

Customer App

1. Search

This allows the users to search for any laundry service or dry cleaners nearby. They just need to enter the name of the laundry and find out if the laundry is available or not. You can also integrate the voice search function if you need it.
2. Filters
The filters help the user to look for laundry that is suitable for their needs. In EasyClean, we have integrated filters like Distance From Me (3km to 8 km), Desired Services (Ironing, Dry Clean, Detergent Wash, Petrol Wash), and Average Rating (1-5), Delivery Service Type (Express or Standard Delivery).

3. Schedule Pick Up and Delivery

This feature lets the customer choose the time and address for pick up and delivery of their clothes. In EasyClean, we have integrated features such that the users can choose a self-pickup and/or delivery too.

4. Track Driver

This feature uses GPS technology and helps the users to track the driver who is coming to pick up or deliver the garments to the customer or the laundry shop.

5. Order History

This feature is for the customers to keep a track of each and every order that they make. They can see the charges, service type, number, and type of garments.

Delivery Driver App

1. My Orders

This screen shows all the active and incoming orders to the driver. The driver can choose to accept or reject any order based on his availability.

2. Track Route

After the driver receives an address to pick up or deliver the garments, he starts his trip. He can see the map view and track his route using this app.

3. Manage Earnings

This feature helps the driver to keep a record of all the money he has earned in the app itself.

Laundry Owner App

1. Laundry Details

The laundry owner needs to put his details into the app like the name of the laundry, working hours, address, type of services they offer, the rate for every service as per the garment, and so on.

2. Order Details

The laundry needs to have access to the order details that the customer has made. The details include everything from the type of clothes, to the number of clothes and billing addresses.

3. Track Drivers

The laundry owners also have the option to track the driver when he is on the way to pick up or deliver an order. This helps to know if the drivers reach the wrong destination.

4. Manage Earnings

Using this feature, the owners can keep a track of their earning within the app itself.

Admin Panel

1. Manage Orders

This feature lets the admin keep a record of all the orders that the customers make. He can assign these orders to another driver if one driver rejects them

2. Manage Drivers

The admin has access to all the information of the driver. The admin verifies the driver’s details before accepting his profile request.

3. Manage Laundries

Same as drivers, the admin has access to the laundry’s information. The admin can send any message to any of the laundries to convey something.

4. Manage Earnings

The admin can manage the earnings of the drivers and the laundries. He can take his commission and decide which driver and laundry get how much percentage of the total amount.

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